PIC Meeting

Plant Production & Farming Innovation

Founded in 2011 by the French Plant Inter Cluster consortium, the Pic meeting has celebrated already 6 editions and is open to members from all continents. The PIC meetings have been held in different French cities such as Paris, Marseille, Angers and Montpelier and countries like Portugal and Argentine, all of them with the same topic and structure.

Previous editions have been driven by the main aim to develop international cooperation, both in terms of international discovery missions for its members and the setting up of European projects, always positioning the event in the plant sector. Under this objective, the Inter Plant Cluster focuses its innovations in the following crops: cereals, seeds, fruit and vegetables, ornamental horticulture, vineyards, tropical plants, medicinal and aromatic.

The Pic Meeting 2016 was held last September in Montpellier, France, on the premises of Agropolis International, which made the event a great success.  Six European countries were represented by around 50 participants, from clusters, research organizations and companies. 2016 edition was a good opportunity to establish relationships among the different participating countries and resulted in 10 new ideas for European projects to be incubated.


2016: Montpellier (France)

19 and 20 of September in Montpellier (France). Fifty companies form  6 different countries. The workshops had the following themes: New inputs,Digital services applied to agriculture, inter-cluster cooperation. The day was Combined with visits to companies and a day of B2B among attendees

2015: Angers (France)

9 and 10 June in Angers (France). 80 of 8 countries participated Different. The workshops had the following themes: New inputs for
Food production, exchange of best practice methodologies and tools  For the internationalization of enterprises, digital services for agriculture.The day was combined with visits to companies and a B2B day between the assistants.

2014: Buenos Aires (Argentina)

28 and 29 of May in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Participated 40  People of 11 clusters and 10 companies. The workshops had the following  Thematic: biocontrol alternative solutions, biomass alternative energies,  Precision agriculture and genetics. The day was combined with visits to Business.